Rowntree Aero Advertising Guardbooks

Press advertising guardbooks prepared by J. Walter Thompson Company Ltd (JWT) between 1938 and 1969 and kept in the Rowntree & Co. Ltd archive today show that 34 original Aero Girl portraits were published in the Aero Girls campaign. Two additional Aero advert proofs featuring original portraits, now held at the Borthwick Institute for Archives, have also been found in the JWT London archive at the History of Advertising Trust. Between 1950 and 1957 there were at least 41 paintings produced for the campaign. Five Aero portraits, kept in the Rowntree archive, are not thought to have been published.

The Rowntree guardbook images shown here are taken from two separate JWT advertising specimen books labelled S10 and W20. These pages represent the complete 1950s Aero Girls press advert records in the Rowntree & Co. Ltd archive.

Borthwick Institute for Archives. R/Guardbooks/S10
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Guardbook S10
Borthwick Institute for Archives. R/Guardbooks/W10
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Guardbook W20